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Vehicular Traffic

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How will this project affect my commute and traffic?

A mobility assessment was completed that assessed the traffic impacts associated with the project. The reallocation of vehicular travel lanes to sidewalk and bicycle uses west of 13th Street is not anticipated to result in materially significant delays to vehicular traffic. Traffic delays are generally experienced at controlled intersections like signals and all-way-stops. For this reason, the number of vehicular lanes were generally maintained at the Connecticut and 13th Street intersections. Overall, the amount of delay the average driver experiences isn’t expected to increase more than a few seconds in the highest traffic times.

How will traffic diversion or cut-through traffic affect my neighborhood as a result of this project?

This project includes several features designed to reduce neighborhood cut-through traffic occurring on the residential streets south of Mar Vista High School. To address these concerns, a U-turn opportunity is included in the design to allow cars looking for parking to change directions of travel on Imperial Beach Blvd without utilizing residential streets and private driveways.

How will this project affect emergency access and response times?

All project plans have been reviewed by the Imperial Beach Fire Department. This review ensured that the new configuration of the roadway will allow adequate space for emergency vehicles.

In the unfortunate event an emergency creates the need for evacuation, it is anticipated that both lanes of traffic and available bicycle and buffer lanes could be converted to eastbound evacuation traffic lanes to complete evacuation as quickly and efficiently as possible.

How will this project affect parking on Imperial Beach Blvd?

Over 50 additional on-street parking spaces will be added along Imperial Beach Boulevard from Seacoast Drive to 13th Street. The additional on-street parking space will benefit residents and businesses along Imperial Beach Boulevard as well as reduce speeds along the corridor and calm traffic.