Project Background

What exactly does this project entail?

The bulk of Imperial Beach Blvd between Seacoast Drive and 14th Street will be reconstructed, including the reallocation of vehicle lanes to promote traffic calming and installation of Class II Bike Lanes, controlled crosswalks with flashing beacons, ADA compliant pedestrian ramps, additional amenities to bus stops, low impact development planters, wider sidewalks, improved aesthetic features along the Tijuana Estuary, and unified design theme to enhance the user experience. The natural features of this stretch of road, especially along the Tijuana Estuary, provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for an innovative world class roadway design that will be both inspirational and functional.

Why is the City moving forward with this Project?

The City of Imperial Beach has an objective to create complete, green streets to make more functional and safe connections between residences, schools, transit, tourist attractors, and businesses around the city. For Imperial Beach Boulevard, design concepts adding dedicated bike lanes, landscaped “pop-outs” for aesthetic and water quality benefits, newly enhanced bus stops and upgraded pedestrian features have been reviewed and presented. These plans apply complete green street concepts for the entirety of Imperial Beach Boulevard, including traffic lane reallocation from approximately Florence Street to Connecticut Street, to accommodate expanded bike and pedestrian facilities.

How much will the project cost?

The project is estimated to cost $10,640,000 which includes the construction contract in the amount of $8,280,000.

What is the project schedule?

The project engineering plans are completed and construction is expected to begin between late March and early April 2019. Construction is expected to be completed in Summer of 2020.

What if I have an issue during construction?

If you notice an issue during construction or have a question about project construction, please contact the City of Imperial Beach Public Works Department. Click here.