Environment and Ecological Sites

How does this project benefit the environment?

This project includes numerous pop-outs/bulb-outs which not only serve to calm traffic and enhance the pedestrian experience, but will also include landscaping in the form of flow through planters that will intercept stormwater, allow a portion of it to infiltrate the ground and a portion to evaporate into the air, before any remaining water enters the stormwater system. The water that will flow into the stormwater system will be filtered and cleaned by plants and will head into the system much cleaner than if it flowed directly into the stormwater system from the street. Water that enters the stormwater system may flow to beaches and the Tijuana Estuary and filtering this water before it enters the stormwater system ensures that it is cleaner and will have less impact on these water bodies and the environment. In addition, trash and debris collectors will be installed to further clean water before it enters any natural water bodies.

How does this project impact the Tijuana Estuary?

Landscaped stormwater infrastructure and trash and debris collectors will filter stormwater before it flows into the Tijuana River. A multi-use path is proposed from Seacoast Drive to 3rd Street which will include interpretative signs and will enhance the walking and biking environment from the beach to the Tijuana Estuary trailhead. This will support eco-tourism and draw additional people to come and enjoy the Estuary. This multi-use path will also provide a planned connection to the Bayshore Bikeway via Seacoast Drive and Palm Avenue. This connection is part of the City of Imperial Beach Bicycle Transportation Plan. In addition, the Estuary’s trailhead will be enhanced with additional benches and bicycle parking.